Selected Testimonials

"Fast service, amazing design quality, excellent customer satisfaction. The production values of the work provided far exceeded many best-selling titles."

—Robert Fannéy, author of Luthiel's Song

"The ease of communication with Matt at Kindle Wizards, his timely results and understanding of the issues we needed completed, made the coding process go smoothly. We will definitely use Kindle Wizards again in our e-publishing efforts as each new book edition becomes available."

—Ian Feldman, Historical Fiction author - published by SSI, Inc. Publishing, Atlanta, Georgia

"Incredibly fast turnaround time. I think it was great. Clear what I would get from the package and the Project Manager."

—Tony Deblauwe, author of Tangling with Tyrants

"Kindle Wizards were responsive, understanding, and supportive from beginning to the end, and after... Kindle Wizards have even helped me improve [file preparation] by their kind and understanding support."

—Peter Solstad, author of Dealing with Demons, Coping with Mental Illness, A Love Story