Why Kindle Wizards?

The Kindle Wizards have over 30 years' combined experience in book production, from cover design to typesetting to marketing and publicity. Our typesetting and design work includes that of bestselling authors, including Neale Donald Walsch, Richard Bach, Eckhart Tolle, and Michael Lerner. We also have fifteen years' experience in web design, having designed and engineered websites for authors, online bookstores, banks, and more.

The Kindle platform is a convergence of these two worlds. Because they are still books, eBook editions demand the experienced eye of a typesetter and book designer. Yet each Kindle edition, under the surface, is constructed using web-page HTML markeup and making a book with fine layout and typography requires web-language and web design expertise to accomplish. The Kindle has quirks, tricks, and proprietary markup that we know how to take full advantage of to produce the best editions on the market.

We are experts in both print production and web design. That's what makes us Kindle Wizards.

The Kindle Wizard Difference

Kindle readers are a new kind of reading audience. They are not just book enthusiasts, they are tech-savvy and smart. They post reviews, they blog and Twitter about what's good and bad in the world of Kindle--sometimes using the built-in Internet capabilities of the Kindle itself!

Using Amazon's automated services or just passing it off to in-house production team often results in second-rate Kindle editions, and loud complaints that hurt sales. Some actual comments by unhappy customers:

The latest Nora Roberts In Death book had the same problem with the huge spacing and complaints to Amazon were returned with replies that essentially said: "Tough." I greatly dislike the extra spacing. And there are some truly awful edits where sentences and paragraphs are partially repeated. I have reported this to Amazon, and hopefully they will get after the publisher to fix it. (link to comment)

That’s what most content on my Kindle feels like today…cheap copies of the original. Quite a few books look like the print to e- conversion was done so haphazardly that nobody ever bothered to look at the finished product. (link to comment)

I've been holding off on the Kindle book until the price drops, but if they don't fix the formatting, I may not get it at all. I have seen this in a few other books, and it sucks. (link to comment)

I hold-up my plan to purchase this book because of the same double spacing format error.... I tried to read the ebook, but jus't can't stand it. (link to comment)

Much of the formatting done for the Kindle has been extremely shoddy. (link to comment)

Publishers would never allow printed books to hit the market with such glaring typographical gaffes. Why should they allow them in their eBook editions, the fastest-growing book market in the world?

Reach this discriminating new audience with a flawless Kindle edition. Whether you are a small publisher working through Amazon DTP, or a large publisher working directly with Amazon, we provide a portable Kindle conversion that works.

Publisher Specials

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