Professional Package

Includes: Whole book layout (up to 100k words), hyperlinked table of contents, optimized cover image, link to your website

Your basic wizardry toolkit. If your book is all text, is properly set up and styled/tagged (in Word, InDesign, Quark, or similar program), and ready to go, this package covers everything you need.

Advanced Package

Includes: Whole book layout (up to 125k words), hyperlinked table of contents, optimized cover image, link to your website, plus optimized Title-Page image, author image(s), and up to 5 in-book images of any kind

Need more advanced spellcasting? Wow your audience with some magical flourishes.

Master Package

Includes:Whole book layout (up to 150k words), hyperlinked table of contents, optimized cover image, link to your website, optimized Title-Page image, author image(s), plus up to 20 in-book images of any kind, custom chapter headings, mixed layout styles (i.e. indented blocks for poetry or dialogue)

Each chapter gets a special design flourish or graphical text; plenty of headroom for illustrations, poetry, & nearly anything else you might need.

SPECIAL ITEM: Rescue Package

If you already have a Kindle edition but you just want it retouched by Kindle Wizards, we will take it and apply our magic to it for this special rate. Provide us the ZIP package containing the source files for your ebook, and we'll fix formatting glitches and give it professional polish. Up to 100k words.

Spellbook A La Carte

These add-on options are for those who have specific extra needs, are extra long, or have extra bells and whistles not covered by the above packages. If you need them, just add them to whatever package you've selected above. The T.O.C. is available as a standalone service for existing Kindle books.

  • Each additional 10 in-book images: $20
  • Each additional 100,000 words: $50
  • ePub Conversion for Nook and other devices: $25
  • Custom/Extra Table of Contents: $50 (Chapter TOC included with all standard packages; this is if you need one generated on an existing Kindle file, an additional custom TOC, or as part of a Rescue Package)
  • Quickie Cover Design: $50 (We usually just optimize the cover image you already have. If you don't have one, we'll do a quick one for you—text only, or using an image you provide. It's nothing fancy and not suitable for print, just for the Kindle!)
  • Index with hyperlinks: $150 (must be properly hyperlinked in desktop-publishing program)
  • Tabular data: $20 + $5 per table (some tables can be reproduced; some must be converted to images)
  • Footnotes/endnotes/crossreferences already linked: $10 per 100 (must be properly hyperlinked in layout program)
  • Footnotes/endnotes/crossreferences from scratch: $50 up to 20 / $2 each thereafter (these are references which are not already properly linked in document and must be recreated from scratch)
  • Cleanup of badly-formatted source document: $50 per 100k words(poorly/improperly-tagged publishing file; text-only documents; complicated or unusual Word files)
  • PDF conversion cleanup charge: $99 per 100k words, x2 if complicated (PDFs and other proprietary formats are very difficult to clean up because they do not have text-flow information, leading to text-flow errors that must be manually cleaned up one by one)
  • Elective edits: $10 + $1 per edit (If your source document contains an error, or you simply want to make alterations. If we have made an error, we fix it for free!)

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When doing conversions in bulk, take the following percentage off the entire order:

Quantity 5-10 titles 10-20 titles 20-30 titles 30+ titles
Discount 10% 15% 20% 25%

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