Match the Market

We understand the travails of the independent author. In the traditional book market, independent and self-published authors must struggle to match the production quality of mainstream publishers, and often compete for the same audience in bookstores with less-polished packaging and layout. However, with the Kindle ebook platform, you get the chance to level the playing field. Kindle Wizards will give you the same low price we give to publishers, and the exactly the same high-end professional ebook conversion. Stand out from other self-published or ebook-only authors with a Kindle edition that will draw raves for its production quality.

Why Kindle Wizards?

Amazon DTP automated conversions are notoriously problematic. Hover over the thumbnails to the right and see some more glaring examples of its shortcomings. Formatting is lost, layout scrambled, code messy and inadequate--many authors coming to the Amazon DTP platform find themselves spending days and even weeks learning the pitfalls and manually cleaning up their own work to make it presentable. Many give up entirely. Even for those who succeed, the result usually falls far short of what publishers are producing, and the book's reviews and ratings reflect it.

We have done all this hard work for you, and know how to produce your book fast and with beautiful results.

Can't Afford a Print Run?

No problem. Come straight to us and try your book out as a Kindle edition before risking the expense of a print run or on-demand production package.

The Kindle Wizard Difference

Kindle readers are a cutting-edge demographic. They interact with each other, and if your edition is not up to snuff, they will spread the word online, in the Amazon reviews, in their own blogs, and more. The built-in Internet capabilities of the Kindle make this even easier--readers can browse your book and post a review right from their Kindles, wirelessly and instantly!

The Kindle Wizards bring to bear over 30 years' combined experience in book production, and have produced everything from self-published fantasy novels to New York Times bestsellers. Our professional understanding of typography and book production is at your disposal as an independent author, and it shows in our Kindle editions.

The Kindle platform unites that expertise with our extensive web design experience. Because they are still books, eBook editions demand the experienced eye of a typesetter and book designer. Yet each Kindle edition, under the surface, is constructed using web-page HTML markeup and making a book with fine layout and typography requires web-language and web design expertise to accomplish. The Kindle has quirks, tricks, and proprietary markup that we know how to take full advantage of to produce the best editions on the market.

We are experts in both print production and web design. That's what makes us Kindle Wizards.

Your Words, Our Magic

Call or email Kindle Wizards today, and protect your book against comments like these:

That’s what most content on my Kindle feels like today…cheap copies of the original. Quite a few books look like the print to e- conversion was done so haphazardly that nobody ever bothered to look at the finished product. (link to comment)

I've been holding off on the Kindle book until the price drops, but if they don't fix the formatting, I may not get it at all. I have seen this in a few other books, and it sucks. (link to comment)

I hold-up my plan to purchase this book because of the same double spacing format error.... I tried to read the ebook, but jus't can't stand it. (link to comment)

You have put your heart into your work. Let us add our Kindle Wizard magic.

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